My Company Tracker

Handle the finance of your company in a detailed way

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My Company Tracker is a cloud based service used to manage your company's finances, not billing


Access anywhere, anytime

The service requires only an internet connection. Your data are stored securely in the cloud.


Cash flow

Easily monitor the revenues and expenses of your company to always be aware of how your business is doing.



Use the many reports and tools available to understand better your business numbers. You can also share them with others.


Standard Plan
done 1 team member
clear Warehouse management
clear Team special permissions
200 saved customers/suppliers
100 saved products
1000 transactions/year (1 Jan-31 Dec)
Premium Plan
done 2 team members
done Warehouse management
clear Team special permissions
500 saved customers/suppliers
200 saved products
2000 transactions/year (1 Jan-31 Dec)
Super Plan
done 3 team members
done Warehouse management
done Team special permissions
1000 saved customers/suppliers
500 saved products
4000 transactions/year (1 Jan-31 Dec)
Each plan is valid for one company. If you decide to get a plan, within a few hours you will receive the relative invoice. You can continue to use the data you inserted in the free trial. If you have any questions, contact our customer support by email at ""